About Coblo

Coblo wants to contribute to “free-playing children. Children who have uninhibited and exuberant fun and can develop optimally through free play.

Dutch brand

High quality / CE certified

Supports good causes

Mission of Coblo

Making a contribution to ‘free-playing children’

A lot is expected of children these days; they “have to” do so much. All the greater is the need of parents for “free-playing children”; children who have uninhibited and exuberant fun without pre-imposed patterns of play (open ended) and with room for their own imagination and creativity.

Parents of today are increasingly taking on a coaching parent role where they value space for children’s expression, creativity, autonomy and ownership.

Coblo believes that children should remain children as long as possible who have lots of fun and can develop optimally through free play.

The origins of Coblo

Coblo is a Dutch brand founded by Elzemiek, mother of three young children.

She lived with her family in America for 4 years, where she discovered the power of open ended toys and the fun and versatility of magnetic building blocks.

She saw it as a miss that this type of toy was still so unknown in the Netherlands and decided to develop her own version; beautiful, safe and strong magnetic building blocks with a unique star design which maintains the beautiful color and brightness.

Her kids (and their friends) love it, so there’s a lot of “coblo-ing” going on at home!

The name Coblo

Wondering where the name comes from?

The name was born from the desire that children could easily pronounce it and at the same time it stands for what it is. The name Coblo comes from the two words “COnstruction BLOcks.”

About Elzemiek

From marketing director to entrepreneur

For more than 15 years I worked in marketing and management positions at large international companies (Ahold, Danone and Masterfood, among others).

For some time I had the idea of using my marketing experience in an entrepreneurial way. When my youngest son was born and turned out to be visually impaired, I made the choice to take more time for the kids and actually create the space to pursue the entrepreneurial path.

In 2017, I moved to America with my family and soon came across the colorful magnetic toys at our youngest son’s school there. I saw the great fun he and also his older brother and sister had with these toys and what it did to their creativity and imagination. With that, my idea for Coblo was born.

With Coblo, I hope to allow children to be children for as long as possible and to do something extra for children with visual impairments.


Our charity

Coblo donated 1,000 tiles to Bartimeus (the organization that is there for visually impaired children).

Coblo would like to do something extra. Coblo is a great toy for any child, but for visually impaired children, Coblo has an added dimension.

The sound of the click system is a nice sound for blind children to confirm that building is going well. That the tiles are pulled toward each other via magnets helps visually impaired children to build on their own.

Coblo’s mission is to contribute to “free-playing children” and is happy to provide additional support for children with disabilities in this regard. That is why Coblo donated 1,000 tiles to Bartimeus to support visually impaired children and give them the fun of Coblo.