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In collaboration with some elementary school teachers, educational assignments were put together to develop children’s understanding of colors, shapes, numbers, letters and more in a fun and inspiring way. When children can explore and learn through play, development goes faster and deeper. The natural developmental power of children is enormous.

Colors & Puzzles

Shapes & Patterns

Letters & Numbers



There are three primary colors, namely red, blue and yellow that you can mix to get the other colors. With the Coblo tiles, you can explain this principle well. Place a red tile on a blue one and hold it up to the light. You will see purple appear.


Puzzling develops fine motor skills in children. They have to pick up the tiles and put them in the right place, developing their motor skills as well as training hand-eye coordination. In addition, it is a fun way to learn about new objects.


Preschoolers begin by learning letters and then learn to read words and simple sentences. By recreating the letters with Coblo tiles, the child is consciously engaged with the letter. This makes it easier for the child to learn the letters and will remember them better.


Knowing the numbers and learning to count is an important foundation for learning to do math. With rebuilding the numbers, children learn the numbers in a fun way. In addition, they can count the number of dots associated with the number.

Basic forms

With the basic shapes, children learn to use the language of mathematics. Using the Coblo tiles, children can recreate basic shapes, compare and learn that you can make different shapes from different tiles.


Preschoolers can learn a lot by imitating patterns in the right colors. This requires them to count, compare, recognize colors and measure.


In everyday life, children encounter fractures at an early age. For example, when they want to indicate that they want half a pizza. With the Coblo tiles you can easily visualize how fractures work. Using the triangle stones, make a 6 angle and teach the children that 1 triangle equals 1/6.


When starting to learn math, it is good to practice a lot of addition, subtraction and number splitting. Coblo tiles allow you to make math tangible and visual. For example, give the children 6 tiles and ask them to move 4 of them aside. How many remain?

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Sander from the Rolf Group

Coblo is a real asset to education and child care. The many lesson cards really add to the wonderful material. Provides endless playtime fun.

Teacher Ester from the Bosberg School

From the day I brought these colorful magnetic tiles to school, they have been a favorite with my preschoolers. Almost daily, the Coblo tiles are chosen on the choice board.

Guest parent Margot of JippieJee

From the first moment, the children played fanatically with it. These open-ended toys are good for cognitive ability, stimulating children’s imagination and creativity. Very happy with it.

Coblo for schools

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Toont alle 3 resultaten