Endless fun

The different shapes, colors and various expansion sets inspire endless exploration and construction. Let your imagination be further stimulated by the examples below.

Stimulates creativity

Free play / open ended

Grows with the child


The Coblo Builders™ let their imaginations run wild and build their dreams. Let them inspire you and we are curious to hear about your dreams.

Getting started with the Coblo Builders™?


Coblo is an open ended toy with no set rules or real goal. Everything is allowed and there is no right or wrong. Children get enormously creative which ensures endless fun and brings surprising ideas.

Curious about more ideas?


To make the creativity and possibilities even richer for children, Coblo also has a racing and marble track in its range. Children can make a different variant race or marble track each time, and these sets can also be combined with the basic sets.

Racing & marble track inspiration?


In addition to being great fun, Coblo is also an educational toy. Because of the different shapes and colors, the magnetic building blocks can be used very well for different learning tasks. Coblo has developed several activity cards for this purpose.
Download activity cards?