Coblo Classic – 60 pieces

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  • 36 squares
  • 4 windows
  • 6 equilateral triangles
  • 10 long-legged triangles
  • 4 rectangular triangles
  • Inspiration booklet
  • Storage bag
  • Magnetic building blocks
  • Free play/open ended toy
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Educational toy
  • Grows with the child

All of our products are made of safe, certified plastic and contain the CE mark.


Will you step into the world of fantasy and creativity? Get Coblo into your home! The colorful magnetic building blocks stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. This brings great constructions and hours of fun.

This 60 piece pack contains 60 magnetic building blocks in different shapes and colors, which children, due to the magnets in the tiles, easily click together. They don’t need help, which is good for self-confidence.


Coblo is an open ended toy, meaning there are no predetermined rules of play. Children decide what to build. This helps to express children’s creativity and imagination which is good for their development. Every time they come up with different constructions themselves. Castles, animals, rockets, vehicles and much more. Nothing is too crazy! In doing so, they surprise not only others, but also themselves. This creates pride and extra fun. And the older the child gets, the richer the creations. From 2D to 3D and from flat shapes to tall towers, Coblo grows with each stage of children’s development. In addition, children will regularly laugh loudly when they can knock over another construction.


In addition to being great fun, Coblo is also an educational toy. Because of the open ended nature which stimulates the imagination and creativity, but also because the different shapes and colors, of the blocks, ensure that the magnetic building blocks can be used for many different learning objectives.

Coblo is widely used in Montessori education because it encourages children to learn and try new things by themselves. These include learning to sort colors, as well as learning letters, doing math, etc. In addition, the comfortable size of the tiles and the grip created by the star on the tiles makes Coblo very good for motor skill development. Children learn through play in this way.


To further stimulate the imagination or just enjoy rebuilding, this box includes an inspiration booklet. This way children can get inspiration and build even more beautiful constructions. And for easy and neat storage of the magnetic building blocks, this package also includes a storage bag.

A very nice birthday gift, Christmas gift or for other times to give children something nice.

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