The cutest Coblo sinterklaas gifts for kids!


Sinterklaas is back in the country! That means time to put a shoe in front of the fireplace and, of course, the countdown to Christmas Eve! Coblo has fun Sinterklaas gifts for every child again this year. Both shoe presents, gifts for gift night and extensions for children already familiar with Coblo. Something for every child! What toys from Coblo does your child put on their wish list?

Shoe Gifts

A shoe in front of the fireplace with a carrot, a nice drawing or a wish list are standard during Sinterklaas. Each child does their best in hopes that they will find a nice present in their shoe the next morning from Sinterklaas. Coblo also has several cool shoe gifts. So we are happy to list these gifts for you!

Sinterklaas gifts forgift night

The big moment that every child waits for in excitement, gift night on December 5! Many children receive beautiful, large gifts during this afternoon or evening. Therefore, it is a great time to give the head gift during this day. We have a number of fun Coblo sets that provide a foundation for building the largest and most beautiful structures. Check out the different products below! Which variant does your child think is the coolest?

Fun ideas for gift night

Boxing Day is a big celebration for every child! Children are extra curious and often even nervous about what Sinterklaas has brought for them. Full of expectation, their hearts beat. The most fun, of course, is to hand out the packets with a game format. This prevents all the packages from being unwrapped at once. That way it takes a little longer which at the same time makes for extra fun! We’ve listed some ideas for a fun-filled Sinterklaas Eve for you.

Expanding gifts

Does your child already have Coblo toys in the house and can’t get enough of them? Then Coblo’s expansion sets are definitely a great addition! Your child’s creativity can be stimulated even more and the constructions become even more complex and creative. Older toys become as good as new again this way! Some examples of the Coblo expansion sets are shown below. Which extension does your child choose?

The team at Coblo wishes you a very happy Sinterklaas time!