What makes Coblo so nice as a Christmas gift?


It’s almost here again. One of the most cozy holidays of the year is just around the corner – Christmas! This holiday season is all about coziness, being with family, good food and, of course, presents under the Christmas tree. Coblo also has great tips to give during Christmas this year. Gifts that are good for each child’s motor skills, creativity and development. For every age, Coblo offers the most fun open ended toy. We are curious to see which gifts will be under the Christmas tree with you!

Toys good for motor skills

Santa likes to see children playing with toys that are especially good for motor skills. For young children, motor skills play an important role in overall development. In fact, motor skills contribute to discovering and exploring the world, where grasping, holding and moving are important. When a child begins developing motor skills early, this will increase the likelihood that a child will grow up healthy. The fine size of the Coblo tiles and star provide a firm grip and help develop children’s motor skills. So very nice to put under the Christmas tree as a gift. Below you can see which smaller kits the youngest children can use to develop their motor skills.

Toys good for imagination and creativity

Create beautiful drawings, write poems or make your own christmas balls for the tree. Santa did see that there are many creative children in the Netherlands! That’s why Santa takes extra pleasure in giving children toys where they can get creative. Because Coblo is an open ended toy, there are no rules imposed in advance. Children build the coolest 2- and 3D structures with their own imagination and creativity. When children are creative they stimulate their problem-solving skills, concentration, focus, self-confidence and more! So super fun to get Coblo during Christmas. Which Christmas craft do you like best?

Toys good for different learning goals

After all the holidays in December, it’s time to go back to school! Santa knows that, too. Therefore, he likes to give children toys that not only allow them to play, but also to learn in a playful way. Therefore, the Coblo assignment cards are a great addition to a set of Coblo tiles. So your child can further develop themselves in math, counting, writing and more!

The team at Coblo wishes you a very happy and cozy Christmas season!